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We're running early alpha and beta tests of Althea in various locations around the world. If you'd like to start or join an Althea network in your area, add yourself to the map and we can help you get started.
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What it is

More than a hotspot

Althea isn’t just a new way to pay for wifi at coffee shops and airports. It’s a system of software that will let communities set up decentralized ISPs. Users purchase internet service and equipment owners are automatically compensated for their contributions to the network.

A cure for monopolies

Each Althea node is constantly looking for the cheapest and best source of (cryptographically verified) bandwidth, and can switch connectivity providers in seconds. This creates a competitive, decentralized marketplace instead of a single provider.

Private and neutral by default

VPN tunnels are a core part of Althea’s design. Operators of networking equipment in an Althea network can never see a user’s browsing history, or discriminate between types of content.

How it works


End users load up their device or wifi router with blockchain tokens to pay for internet access.


A mesh of rooftop transmitters forward packets. They earn tokens and compete to provide service.


Uplinks act as gateways to the internet, also earning tokens, competing with other uplinks in the area.

Get in touch with the team

Our software is still under development, but if you’re excited about the concept, we’d like to keep you in the loop. Soon we’ll start building out the first Althea networks, which will need sites for transmitters and equipment installers and operators.

If you have experience in networking, real estate, construction, or you can see other buildings from your window or roof, you could earn money providing connectivity in an Althea network.

If you have experience running a WISP, definitely get in touch. Althea is all about creating tools to let wireless and mixed networks compete with the big monopolies, and we’d love your input.

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or send us an email: [email protected]